Prevent & Resolve the Top 3 Health Challenges

You can Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Heal your Sugar Addiction

If you’re an individual that wants

  • Weight loss
  • Improved energy
  • Healing from chronic health issues
  • Clear & creative thinking
  • A life you joyfully inhabit

 You’re in the right place!

If you’re an Employee Engagement specialist looking to create a company culture that

  • Attracts, develops, and retains employees
  • Promotes a holistic employee experience
  • Supports creative, clear-thinking employees
  • Promotes whole-person health & well-being
  • Increases the bottom line via workforce excellence

 You’re in the right place!

Unlocking Workforce Potential

Let’s collaborate for a healthier, happier, more productive workforce.

Welcome! I’m Laurie Warren and I’m a change agent for unlocking human potential – BodyMindSpirit. My deep passion is to educate, inspire, and empower YOU and/or YOUR GROUP toward whole-person health, personal clarity, and clear & creative thinking – toward Vibrant Living. Thousands of people, just like you, have used my programs to foundationally shift their health and life experience. Let’s get to work on your goals! <read more>

Laurie Warren, MSN

Vibrant Living Advocate & Founder of Create Vibrant Health®

Laurie Warren’s lectures and programs deliver passion, knowledge, and a desire to inspire and empower others. Laurie is the personification of a world-class educator.

~ Lauren

Laurie’s programs are absolutely fantastic…the best there is. I can honestly say she’s changed my weight, my health, and my life, from the inside out.

~ Stella

Laurie breaks down the complexity of health and nutrition into easily digestible sound-bites, and is solely focused on foundational healing, instead of band-aiding symptoms.

~ Steve

Laurie has the expertise to guide you on what your body needs, the wisdom to serve your mind, and the presence to serve your soul. Laurie IS soul food.

~ Wendy

Before finding Laurie, I was working hard, but wasn’t doing the right things, and remained overweight & frustrated. Laurie’s approach is transformative.

~ David


Transformation Coaching: All About YOU

Whole-person health coaching – food and beyond – 100% virtual (convenient!)

Food Sass®

Who gives at hoot?

Why do food choices matter? Why do we eat food, other than the whole grumbly stomach thing? What’s significant about the number 432 billion? Answers to these questions and more await you.

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Body Sass®

Time for a re-set?

You know that gunky, funky feeling that we get when our wellness train has gotten off the tracks? Me too! Let’s talk about how to get back on track, and inhabit a body and life that we feel good about.

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Mind Savvy®

Let Freedom Ring

Sometimes freedom isn’t a news-worthy jubilant celebration of a country’s liberation. Sometimes it’s a quietly-garnered freedom that happens right between our two ears.

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Soul Food Infusion

Insides and Outsides

Most of us want to let our freak flag fly and be loved. We want to be truly seen and be accepted. We want to know that we’re loveable and we want to feel lovING. So what gets in the way?

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Food Sass® for Vibrant Health

21 Fantabulous recipes to turbo-boost your BodyMindSpirit

Deep, heartfelt gratitude for what we have in our life right now changes the lens through which we see everything. It changes us on a cellular level.

Changing our lives, or any part of our lives, is all about changing our relationship with ourselves.

Stand in who you are. The most amazing thing you can do for this world is to become the full expression of authentic YOU.

I invite you to play full-out, and offer all of the awesomeness of your gifts and uniqueness to the world.

The most healing thing we can offer to someone in emotional or physical dis-ease is our mindful presence.

Each and every time we choose love over fear, we stand in our Truth.