It’s a Wild World,
but you can have a
Joyful Heart.

Unlock your power
to create health and joy.

The book is (almost) here.

Wild World, Joyful Heart is more than just a sassy-sounding book title.

It’s a way of living.

It’s a philosophy, a practical guidebook, and a rally cry.

A page-turning book on YOUR empowered well-being in body, mind, and spirit.

And how all that will make our world a better place.

And it’s about to make your life experience chock-full of health and joy.

Wild World Joyful Heart by Laurie Warren

Coming to you on October 8, 2019 via

Barnes and Noble
Audible, an Amazon Company
BAM, Books-a-Million

An important book—and a timely companion—when so many are suffering and wondering how to bring more health and joy into their lives.

~ Emma Seppälä, PhD, Stanford and Yale professor and author of The Happiness Track

Laurie Warren’s debut wellness book is a tour de force. We live in challenging times. Laurie contributes not just new insights, seamlessly woven together, but practical guidance for thriving amidst the chaos.

~ Deborah Sosin, LICSW, author of Charlotte and the Quiet Place and Breaking Free of Addiction

Laurie Warren leads us on a journey toward wholeness by helping us realize our own untapped potential and reminding us of the important connection between joy and hardship.

~ Lindsay Tucker, Yoga Journal

The essence of this book is empowerment. Laurie Warren masterfully explores the science and philosophy behind why we stay stuck in our unhealthy and unhappy existence—and provides the keys to turn that paradigm around.

~ Mark C. Perna, author of the award-winning bestseller, Answering Why; keynote speaker; and CEO

Laurie Warren’s Wild World, Joyful Heart fills me with a redefined sense of commitment. We live in a complicated time in history. Laurie’s book reminds me that there is a trail being blazed by light workers who have the tools to decrease stress, increase self-care and self-awareness, and achieve perspective so that we can live at our optimum potential. This book provides a compass for so many.

~ Randi Zinn, author of Going Beyond Mom: How to Activate Your Mind, Body, & Business after Baby

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