Laurie TV for Free

Join the party every week!

That’s right, every week, I look forward to connecting with all of YOU, via live video stream. Join me on Facebook Live where I share with you everything I know about improving your weight, health, and happiness. Everything from tactical food tips to deep insight on how to experience more connection & joy in your life. I welcome you to tune in, participate and ask questions. We have a pretty awesome time!

“Laurie Warren, what on earth is ‘Facebook Live?”

Facebook Live is a FREE live streaming feature within Facebook itself. It allows anyone to share their experiences real-time…almost as if you are there with them! So if I were on a mountaintop on a gorgeous day, I could capture my panoramic view on Facebook Live and share it with you, almost like I transported you to be right next to me. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Instead of mountain vista views, I use Facebook Live to educate, inspire, and empower my viewers, complete with actionable take-aways, to help them along their health journey.

“Hm. Sounds cool. How can I tune in?”

So easy! First, make sure you have officially “Liked” my Page. Without this action, you may not be able to see any of my awesome-sauce content. Why don’t you pop over there now. I’ll wait, and you go click the Like button.

(I’m waiting, patiently. I promise.)

Ok, now that you’ve done that, there’s one more thing I recommend you do, so you don’t miss out! Make sure you’ve selected the appropriate Facebook settings; choose ALL ON:

That way, whenever I “go live,” you’ll get a notification on your phone or on Facebook that I’ve begun my broadcast. You’ll never have to miss a broadcast!

You don’t need any special updates or software on your computer, phone, or tablet to view my broadcasts. The best part? You can just comment on the live broadcast as it’s happening, just as you would with any other Facebook post, and no one can see that you are at home lounging in your jammy pants with bedhead; or sitting in traffic with a weird hat on and spinach in your teeth. (Yay, spinach!) So don’t be afraid to ask questions; I welcome them, and am happy to answer them either during my broadcast or afterwards.

The live stream is the most fun since it’s interactive, but many folks catch the replay, which is available any time you want, on my Page’s feed.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you on Facebook!