Prevent & Resolve the Top 3 Health Challenges

You can Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Heal your Sugar Addiction

Body Sass® Cleanse

My most popular program, the Body Sass® Cleanse is a gentle, yet powerful, clinically-created cleanse program with its foundation in nutrient-dense whole foods. Ecstatic participants typically lose weight, gain energy, ease long-standing symptoms, and engage in a deep education about what creates health & weight-loss in their body.

Yes, you CAN do this. Yes, it’s food, not just shakes. No, you’ll never be hungry. Yes, you’ll love it!

Body Sass® Cleanse Group Program

Folks rave about the Body Sass® Cleanse Group Program, which takes my Body Sass® Cleanse and brings it into a group forum that runs twice a year, in January and September. I’ve taken all the awesomeness of the individual program, and added a private Facebook page for recipe-sharing and support, on-line lectures, and a daily email infusion of education, inspiration, and empowerment from moi.

BetterHealth Journey 6-Month Program

Self-care is our number one priority. If we’re not feeling our best, BodyMindSpirit, the rest of our life experience suffers. You know that…it’s why you’re reading this right now! Engage with me in 6-month relationship to focus on your better health. Rest assured that I’ll bring to bear all of my wide and deep learning and experience – in clinical nutrition, lasting weight loss, functional medicine, biochemistry, pathophysiology (disease development), neuroscience, personal development, and spiritual inquiry – for YOUR BetterHealth Journey.


Group energy is a spectacular vehicle for inspiring change. I’m honored to bring my education, passion & joy to deliver a keynote, or to provide lectures & programs for corporations, colleges, and events. I create a learning environment that is engaging, compassionate, and FUN, while delivering game-changing inspiration, education, and empowerment. Your group will be transformed by the experience, and so will I.

Create Vibrant Health® Private Retreats

I invite your group to take some time out for YOU and the self-care that you all very much need. My retreats offer education, inspiration, empowerment…yes, in spades. Also on deck is free time for relaxing, and nutritious & delicious Food Sass® served at every meal. Add in the spectacular vehicle for change that group energy offers, and you have an event that is truly transformational. I look forward to sharing a space with you, and providing a game-changing experience for your group!

Food Sass® for FREE

A fabulous way to get acquainted with a health expert is to check out their FREE STUFF. My Food Sass® for FREE page will delight you with recipes and guides that will help you start to Create Vibrant Health® TODAY.